The Phoenix

The Phoenix is the 5th album of Giuseppe Dio.
The album contains 18 tracks of electronic music – including previously released singles, Boys and Girls and A New Page – who space from synthpop and EDM to easy listening and cinematic ambient.
Partly the sequel to Lights Shadows and Colors , but with a more eclectic set of sounds, ranging from the energy of dance-rock sounds to the more intimate ethereal atmosphere of ambient and easy listening sounds.

Relax, Meditation and Sleep Vol. 2

Ambient Electronic music for Relax, Meditation and Sleep. Close your eyes, listen to the music and fly with your imagination.

Study, Focus and Concentration

The right music to help concentration for study, work and in all situations where the right focus is needed

A New Page

A New Page, is the second track I release from my forthcoming new album. I hope you like this synthpop song! 😉

Boys and Girls

My latest single is a synthpop instrumental song. It’s the first track extracted from my forthcoming electronic album, that I will release next summer.
This song is dedicated to all my students.

Calm Music for Wellness

Ambient, reworked classic and easy listening music for relax, sleep, study and meditation

Silent Night – Instrumental Christmas Music

New Age Landscapes

Time to Relax

Synth Music for Gym Workout and Fitness

New Report