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Francois Mathian




Francois Mathian (aka Fransoafran) is a modern-classical and electric violinist, composer and music producer. His compositions shine the light on organic instruments, in particular strings, by supporting them with modern sounds and arrangements.

Inspired to learn piano and violin at an early age by his mother who was a violinist and a science professor, he grew a taste for performing, creating and improvising music. Being trained professionally as both a musician and a scientist gave him a good balance of emotional and analytical mind. Since then he has been exploring this path as a life quest, surrendering to the musical journey.

After a classical training, he toured and recorded as a jazz and rock violinist in multiple French bands (Hoy, Payou Rabalat, Liane Edwards, Trapettistes, Malbonheurs, CKoinC, Corcovado Trio). Since moving to Australia, he now releases his own music (neoclassical, ambient, new age), collaborates with yoga teachers and sound healers, and also composes music for soundtracks.



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