20 March, 2020 in

The second single from my upcoming album. This song combines classic instruments with a synthetic background, which results in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Listen and enjoy. 🙂

Fantasy World

8 March, 2020 in

Epic | Fantasy | Orchestral | Cinematic | Soundtrack – Dim the lights, close your eyes, let the magic sound take you to the ethereal world of fantasies.

Shadow Of The Necropolis

1 March, 2020 in

Fencer’s very first release of 2020 is called “Shadow Of The Necropolis” and introduces his fifth album that will be released this year too. It can be also taken as his introduction to the world of epic compositions, as the song had been created for a full symphonic orchestra (with vocals to support the main melody). Dim the light, close your eyes and let the music take you to a fantasy world on the edge of dreams and reality.

Filip Rachůnek: String Quintet Sonata & Fortecello Fantasy

23 December, 2019 in

String Quintet Sonata in C major:
This is Filip’s first official composition in the classical genre. Inspired by the request of a friend who played double bass in a symphonic orchestra, he created this three-movement piece in July 2019. The sonata was played live in August 2019 and finally released now.

Fortecello Fantasy in C minor:
After releasing his last album for a solo piano, Filip decided to push his ambitions to the next level and composed a three-movement song for the cello/piano duet. As a pianist, he recorded the piano part himself and used the virtual instrument “Emotional Cello” to play cello on a keyboard.

Filip Rachůnek is a Czech pianist, guitarist, and composer. He released four full-length albums as Fencer and finally decided to enter the world of neo-classical music with this six-track EP, formerly called “Opus One”.

Secret Realm Of Piano Dreams

13 December, 2019 in

My personal collection of amazing and dreamy piano tracks from talented composers around the world. Relax and enjoy. If you want to suggest more songs, please contact me on Facebook: @CzechFencer

Ambient Darkness

12 December, 2019 in

On the edge of light and dark. Let the ambient power flow through your body and soul. If you want to suggest more songs, please contact me on Facebook: @CzechFencer

The Magic Of Piano And Strings

12 December, 2019 in

Piano as the main instrument, supported by the magic sound of bows and strings. Relax and enjoy. If you want to suggest more songs, please contact me on Facebook: @CzechFencer

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