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Gert De Meester is also known as the bassplayer of the world-fusion-funk combo The Seven Laws of Woo, bassplayer of Grunge-rock-americana-trippies The Hindu Needle Trick, knob twiddler of 2questionmarks, The Mental Attack and Distant Fires Burning. Around 2000 he took up the moniker “The Mental Attack” and started to make Breakbeat-Techno-IDM. In 2007 Gert started to experiment more with ambient as “Distant Fires Burning” just to state the difference with the more beat-oriënted work by “The Mental Attack”. He self-released “Messierobjekten” and “7 Sisters”. 2010, “Build on Me“, is released on U-Cover CDR Limited. In March 2011 the track Geomagnetic Disturbance was featured on the Consouling Sounds sampler Magnetic Fields & Zero Dimension Planes.Around that time Distant Fires Burning was asked to do several remixes. Some names: Northcape, dementio13, For Greater Good, etc… In 2016 Gert released “You’re Not Listening” a 3-track EP with outtakes from 2010’s “Build on Me”. 2017 gave DFB28 as a birthday track and “They Will Inspire Us ” and “Voyager” as exclusive tracks for ELM Collective compilations. 2018 starts with an adventurous improvisation session with Dirk Wachtelaer, Jürgen De Blonde and Alec Ilyine, a new birthday track “In Love With…” and with a collaboration with Stratosphere . On September 12 Audiobulb Records released the new album: For the Love of…. Yes , there is still more to come….

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