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Dimitri K.




Born in Sofia, Bulgaria. As a young composer won National Contest in 1982. Since then have written over 250 songs for many top singers and instrumentalists, some became hit songs of the 80s. Contestants from different countries performed his songs as part of the ongoing International Festivals. His recorded music is part of the Golden Music Library of the National Radio in Sofia, Bulgaria. — Dimitri K. music could be listened on five continents on more than 300 radio stations. — Produced for Prestige Records, London Medieval Voices. — Became member of ASCAP. Since then, through DSM Producers, New York, released background and theme music for Saturday Night Live, Maury Povich Show, etc. national prime time shows.— Produced and released Medieval Voices Tonight.— Put on stage in New York a musical “Under Manhattan Skyline”; received press reviews from Newsday, New York Times etc.— Published by Dimitri K. Publishing: Music by Van Galen’s “Life Time” CD.— Produced for licensing the smooth jazz albums “That’ll do it” and “Manhattan Midnight”.— Dimitri K. Publishing’s roster increases with new artists for production, publishing, soundtrack and development. Worked with talented musicians such as: Harry Hall, John Valeri, Alvin L. Guiles, Rob Mullins, Jochy Rodriguez, Devrick Bell, Konstantin Dimitrov, etc.— Produced smooth jazz CD album “Keep Moving”— Produced CD album “So Intensified”— Produced CD album “Silence”— Produced CD album “Slim Profile”— Produced CD album “Blue Cat”. The album was up for 61st Grammy Consideration.— Produced CD album “7/8″— Produced CD album “Gardens of Delight”