Darlene Cuevas


Darling Cora is the folk rock singer-songwriter project of composer and finger-style guitarist Darlene Cuevas. With a striking and beautiful voice, contemplative lyrics and adept guitar playing style, her songs capture and deliver emotional truths, made to sooth and lift weary hearts. She is also known for her sprightly, instrumental guitar pieces.


“The voice of Darling Cora (Darlene Cuevas) has a delicious range, vivid colour and a soothing, comforting feel. She sounds like the Mona Lisa, the Rower’s Lunch and Nighthawks. Please give her a listen.”

–Dave Liljengren, East Portland Blog


“Darling Cora (a.k.a. Darlene Cuevas) has a secret weapon — it’s an impossibly supple voice that conjures the mysteries of the ages. It soars, glides and flutters overhead with the grace and fluidity of birds while deftly accompanied by electric and acoustic guitar and strings with occasional touches of soft percussion that combines the best of classical, folk, jazz and shades of world music visited by exotic gypsies from a bygone era. Her astonishing debut album, Heart Strung Out, is a rich bouillabaisse of all these ingredients, yet the music never upstages her hypnotic vocals. Instead, it complements her beautifully, creating magical settings for her to truly shine.” 


— Julie Stoller, Musings from Boston