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Crows Labyrinth




Crows Labyrinth is an ambient solo bass project, conceived by Theo Tol from the Netherlands.


Besides that he also maintains a number of ambient and instrumental playlists. These are all visible on the Less Records website and available for submitting tracks.


What started as an experiment in December 2011 turned out to become a real project, resulting in his first full album, titled “Travels”, released in January 2013.


Theo’s approach to making music is simple but challenging: try to create ambient soundscapes by exclusively using bass guitars and digital effects. As an extra challenge, every track should preferably be recorded as one take, one flow of sound, one improvisation.


Crows Labyrinth latest album was released in 2019 and is titled “All Will Perish”. The album can be seen as the successor to the Travels album, featuring dark soundscapes that often make the original sound of the bass guitar unrecognizable. The limited edition CD version of the album has the tracks from the Consolation EP as bonus tracks.


Crows Labyrinth is inspired by many artists. These names are a small selection: Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, Tangerine Dream, Steven Wilson (with his Bass Communion and I.E.M. projects), Tom Heasley, Loscil, Clem Leek.


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