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Hi, I’m Chris Medway from Devon, UK. I make electronic and cinematic music under the name of CosmoMoose.

CosmoMoose started as a dance music project, a sort of mid-life crisis(!) but I soon learned to act my age and I started to create more chilled and cinematic style music.

The main feature of my music is melody; this is because I get tunes in my head (often at inconvenient times, like when in the shower) and some of those tunes I develop using my laptop/keyboard based studio. Often I create on the train whilst commuting to my day job using a laptop, small keyboard… and headphones of course 🙂 .

The other aspect of my music is strong theme: I only make music for a specific purpose, which can be to paint a sonic picture, express an emotion (from mournful to euphoric) or take the listener on a journey to somewhere they have never been. Each album is then a collection of compatible themes to paint a bigger picture, express far-ranging emotions and take you on a longer, more twisted, journey. This could be in space, like on Cosmic Invasion album or somewhere closer to home.

Recently I’ve been composing film and game soundtracks which I find comes really naturally because when I see an image music comes to my head. This allows me to go into the depths of my imagination to places I might not have done otherwise. I’m looking forward to the next musical venture…..



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Cinematic, Electronic, Instrumental, Modern Classical, New Age, Piano, Word

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