Lavender Town

Lavender Town is a remixed tune from “Pokemon” that reached internet fame due to the rumour that the original song caused children to commit suicide en-masse in japan when it first came out due to frequencies adults couldn’t hear that drove them to suicide. It was reported the song was later altered to no longer contain these frequencies.

Whether it is accurate or not it remains a great spooky story! As a result this is a homate to that – the song starts of normal creepy, and transitions into hearing voices in the backgrounds, then it loops and suddenly it starts to glitch and crackle, like the song is sputtering to survive.. and then it rotates and plays backwards while glitching with subliminal voices in the background for an overall spooky effect! People have commented on strange things happening while they listened in their immediate surroundings, although this could purely be psychological – but check it out for yourself!

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Primal Eyes

Primal Eyes was a song I did back in early 2004 when I was just starting out. It is a remix of the main theme from the game Parasite Eve, done in a dance format – the original was purely piano.

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Chrono Eternity

Chrono Eternity is a Remix/cover album of the games chrono trigger and chrono cross from Square Enix, 2 of the most popular games they ever made. It spans from the years 2003 to 2019 and represents a long range of my development as an artist.

It ranges from calm atmospheric pieces, melancholy pieces to intense orchestral pieces and even a few EDM pieces.

With 22 songs on this album it is quite a hefty album – and represents some of my best mastering and remastering work on any of the songs I have done. This album is volume 1, so more songs will come in future.

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