Coastal Dreamin’

Enjoy soothing piano while relaxing on the beach. Enjoy amazing scenery and hear the quiet of the waves as they lap along the shore…

Secret Beach

Imagine yourself searching for the perfect beach to relax and enjoy sunshine and beautiful scenery…then you arrive upon a beach no one else knows about, your very own “Secret Beach.” Watch the enchanting and beautiful video here on You Tube! You will find this idyllic solitude and scenery is all yours when you listen to Barbara Graff’s new composition, “Secret Beach.” Enter this mysterious, breathtaking beach shrouded in mist. Before long, the mist will turn to sun and your day will be complete. You will hear the atmosphere change as the composition turns from intrigue to pure joy and relaxation… Barbara is an award-winning pianist and composer. Her music is played on Pandora Radio and several prestigious piano and new age radio stations. Her current album, “Beginnings,” is charting in the Top 20 on several radio stations and the Zone Music Reporter Top 100. She is also a prolific and published songwriter with placements in television shows, musicals and with performing artists. Written & performed by Barbara Graff, copyright 2019 Buy sheet music for this song from links on my website or search for this tune on Sheet Music Plus!



I have had many fascinating and unique albums land on my desk this year, it seems that artists are seeking to find uniqueness about their style and songs like never before, and I for one support that. I must say that Barbara Graff has brought something to my musical table that is incredibly unique, fun and listenable and I believe you will enjoy this as well.

This is Graff’s fourth album and this release has just about something for everyone, like the moving new age styled composition Inspiration, one of my personal favourites. The symphonic grandeur of Bring Me a Rainbow is a simple delight to bathe in as well, and the guitar joins the mix on the piece Blue Sky.

Inspiration Yoga

Christmas Magic