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Barbara Graff




Pianist and songwriter Barbara Graff studied piano at a young age. As a child, Barbara won awards for creative writing. Writing songs with words is the perfect marriage of her two loves, music and writing.

Barbara’s artistic influences are diverse, from Lady Antebellum to Colbie Callait, Alicia Keys and George Winston.
In 2009 Barbara reignited her artistic spark and composed her first album, “Second Act.” Later, she started songwriting, beginning with the holiday hit “Christmas Magic,” which won as one of the “best holiday songs of 2015.” The song includes Barbara’s piano and was featured in a musical.

Barbara continues to write piano instrumentals and also focuses on writing country music. Her music, both with and without lyrics, is featured on several radio stations including Pandora Radio. Two of her songs have been licensed to a television show and to an artist in Nashville.

Many artists have careers that peak at any early age, and then feel their best years are behind them. Barbara’s “Second Act” is a long way from reaching the zenith. Barbara knows life is full of surprises, and the best is yet to come.

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