Quarantine 2020 Playlist

24 March, 2020 in

In 2020, lockdown in Italy was established due to CoronaVirus epidemic. During the quarantine month, we had a lot of time to listen to Music…enjoy this playlist, including top quality tracks (Electronica, Chill Hop, Instrumental, Jazz Rap, Trip Hop)

Mistery in the Making, Vol. 1

5 January, 2020 in

‘Mistery in the Making Vol. 1′ is the first EP by Amusin’ Projects in collaboration with some producers experienced in Trip Hop, Hip Hop and heterogeneous Electronic Music. Vocals are by Arsen Palestini. It is available on all digital stores.

Spotify link:

Amusin’ Projects…with some friends

1 December, 2019 in

Instrumental and Experimental Madness

2 November, 2019 in

This Music’s Fundamental, it’s Soft and Instrumental

23 October, 2019 in

TOP Jazz Rap to Keep Loungin’ in 2019

27 September, 2019 in

Jazz Rap to Keep Loungin’

27 September, 2019 in

Lovely Sounds Between Summer and Autumn

21 September, 2019 in

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