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My adventure with music started in kindergarten when I was 4 years old.
A nun used to play a toy keyboard to make us sing together, so I wanted a piano or at least a keyboard.
My father promised me to buy one only if I had been to the dentist curing all my teeth caries so, I got my first toy air keyboard that couldn’t play more than 3 keys together.
I took some private piano lessons, but I didn’t like learning theory, playing scales, or reading scores. I soon quit lessons and try to improvise on my own only listening and playing along with the radio. I could sit for hours and hours playing no scores.
That’s what is music and piano for me.
Around my 20s I realized, I had to study more to improve my playing.
I chose to subscribe to the conservatory in the classical composition class.
At this age, I’ve been playing keyboard and singing in many bands for so many different kinds of music: Glam Rock, Pop Rock, Metal Rock, Progressive Metal and Rock, even Jazz and Latin jazz!
Aiden Button is a way to get back retrieving my musical roots, creating improvised easy-listening music.
Using social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., I would like to try explaining my music and the way I’m playing, composing, improvising.
Stay tuned, enjoy good music and…
Keep Relaxing!