Is it new wave in the year 2020?
Is it postpunk? Cold wave rebirth?
Synthpop with fuzz-guitar?
This is: EL/NeUe: “Lykkeønskninger 2020”
In 1987, Norwegian trio EL released their EP “Et hvilested”. To some, this 7″ vinyl record is still one of their favourites from the ‘80s.
Others did not enjoy it.
Now, EL return as EL/NeUe, considerably older, but still vital and exploring. Three new songs, two of them with lyrics inspired by Haruki Murakami, whereas the third, “De siste dagene” has lyrics taken from a novel by Swedish author Kristian Lundberg.
In addition to these, “Lykkeønskninger” is resurrected from the 1987 EP, in a new version both darker and heavier than the original.