Soothing and ethereal landscapes permeate the entirety of Pallid Memories, the title itself being a roundabout reference to this. Each track seems to purvey a theme of long passed but not completely forgotten memories, often those detached from the context in which they were formed. Much of the content borders the territories of drone and ambient with soft swells of pads and the small tinkling of synth atmospherics.

This minimal motif is established with the first few seconds of the opening track “Suspended Image” as a soft and sparse piano plays emotively over the faint pads that provide the somewhat morose, but never quite mournful, backdrop of the track. We are even provided moments of seemingly hopeful reflection with tracks like “Into the Blurred Mirror,” which leans much more heavily into the floating atmospheres as moves ever so slightly away from the tinkling keys and already scant melodies. The exploration of the theme concerning faded memories is masterfully done here as the entire work possesses a strange reflective quality that never fully fleshes out a full picture; tranquil and pondering.

11 March, 2022


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