Lightning Strikes (Rock Instrumentals)

30 July, 2021

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Though I am fairly new to Spotify I’m not a newbie to playlist creation. For ten years I ran five different internet radio stations (four won editor’s picks and one won an industry award.) Though conventional wisdom is that a Spotify playlist should be no longer than 50 songs, I’m creating a different beast. LIGHTNING STRIKES is more like a radio station. Tune in, start at the beginning if you want, or scroll down and start at any random spot. I guarantee you’re in for a musical journey you will enjoy.

LIGHTNING STRIKES (ROCK INSTRUMENTALS features rock, metal, electronic (but no dance!), power pop. No vocals- just kickin’ music.
I also delight in presenting up and coming acts, so if you create music in this vein – send it my way!

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epic, rocking, kicking, awesome, Covet, Plini, Polyphia, Jimi Hendrix, Duane Eddy, Ars Nova, Santana, Dream Theater
Curated by: Lee Widener
Lightning Strikes (Rock Instrumentals)
Lightning Strikes (Rock Instrumentals)

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