I Fight (Adagio)

Dear colleagues, I am pleased to share the absolute premiere of “I FIGHT-ADAGIO”, with NOISEOFDREAMS, who has been the arranger and studio producer.It is very exciting.Look, this new work I start a series of works for piano – orchestra and other instruments.
He has bee,n so careful and professional that the result is great,stunning and perfect. I encourage you to share,follow the playlists in #spotify where it appears, and to enjoy it. This one has been composed about the original one for piano soo that has been reeased last december , but it is original,new tempo, new structure, for piano, orchestra and oboe solo
Enjoy it, thanks for your support and for sharing.

More news coming soon. Thanks Raúl Sanz, a pleasure and an honor.

Thank you for your support

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6 July, 2020