Though the effects of COVID-19 should have put their career on hold, Ann’so M was just hitting her stride. The duet continues its journey by releasing their new single « Horizon » feeding their fans with the first taste of new music. Its lyrics tackles the need for freedom and reconnection with nature only to realize the lie we have been living in and to go back to our old habits. Speaking of « Horizon » Ann’so states: « It’s a daydream actually. Somehow, we have been bravly drifting through the darkness thinking we were seeing things clearly. We were wondering if this, this period, was the sign of a renewal of our society. Now we are just back to square one ». Ann’so M’s new single « Horizon » is a “core-Ann’so M” track – it embraces all the important aspects in its music with the same passion that takes us even further into its world.

27 January, 2022


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