Himno de la Escuela Argentina Modelo (piano)


Himno de la Escuela Argentina Modelo, version for piano solo.

This tune was composed by the (relatively unknown) Argentine classical composer Adolfo Cipriota (1879-1944) as the hymn of the school called “Escuela Argentina Modelo” (EAM), in Buenos Aires, which I attended, and where I listened to it nearly every day for 12 years.

Now, later in life, I made a piano arrangement of this tune of my childhood (the original sheet music is unavailable and possibly lost) for others to enjoy. This one is the first world recording of this piece in a piano version.

Several generations of people attended the EAM. They are arguably the main target for this tune, which they have already heard with a certain nostalgia as pre-listen (in YouTube).

2 January, 2022

Himno de la Escuela Argentina Modelo (piano)

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