Hazy Maze


How are you?

We have a new release, Hazy Maze,  is the second single from our upcoming album that will be released on May2021.

With the great performance of Ramón Sanz on sax and Patiotic on instrumentals (synths, guitars, drums, bass) this Alternative chill Hip Hop song it’s a perfect fit for alternative, chill out vibes playlists.

This single and the album have been mixed and mastered on 12+1 Studios (Spain) by Luis Sancho (Café del Mar)

Link: https://open.spotify.com/track/1jOUcPkNCtBHLu3B6HtofJ?si=KqHS5-RGQGq3FpAEt30XCg

I hope you like it and could consider for playlist placement

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