Guido’s Lounge Cafe Vol.3

‘Guido’s Lounge Cafe’ tells the Story of a perfect Chillout & Lounge Music selection that will simply warm up your everyday’s Life.
Relax your body and chill your mind.
Continuous DJ Mix is also included for additional enjoyment of the full release!

Lounge, Chillout, Downtempo, Ambient, Relaxing, Vincent Boot, Weathertunes, Marga Sol, Michael E, Dee C'rell, Marga Sol, Marc Hartman, Soul Avenue, Dominik Pointvogl, Velvet Dreamer, feat. Tim Gelo, Andrea Cardillo, Josh Lasden & Synoptic, Fin Project, Soul Avenue, Five Seasons, Marc Hartman, Mission Brown, Peter Pearson, Mo'jardo, Velvet Dreamer

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