GRAEDA – Vacate EP

GRAEDA started out in music as a teenager through the punk and hardcore scenes but later set foot into the the extensive realm of Synthwave after being influenced by Indie remixes as well as the Chill- and Vaporwave movements. GRAEDA’s influences are apparent as his music does not exclusively fall in any of the previously mentioned genres.
After breaking through in 2019 with tracks such as “Recurring Dreams” and “Dopamine”, GRAEDA has developed his sound with an emphasis on nostalgic synth melodies and incisive 80’s inspired drum sounds. Vocal samples are also often found in his music adding a human feel to a somewhat non-human sphere of emotional exhibition.
“Vacate” aims to take the listener on a journey from a moment of sadness or disappointment and replace it with new memories that soon become sentimental once life’s normal routine commences after a brief moment of respite.

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