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Good Morning World

Creating an album is a struggle with oneself, filled with doubts, restlessness, and regression. But in the end, individual fragments of your own soul, connected by inner peace and freedom, reveal their engaging presence. This is truly reflected in Dinkis’ album “Good Morning World”; an ode to the piano in the context of contemporary music. The modest artist reduces himself to elementary components to create an atmosphere of a new day, starting with an inescapable dawn when everything is still calm, clear and simple. The compositions are artistically connected, interacting in the manner of ebb and flow; they disappear and then slowly return in the sense of a rebirth. All the time a wide structure oscillates in the background, virtually imperceptible but still there, like an endless universe full of melodious reverb wave. The consistently slow tracks are dynamically complex, subtle little stories. He tells them not with his mouth, but through elegant piano miniatures. Universal, fragile, cinematographic, the musical language that Dinkis here articulates opens up more authentic and accessible views on his unique musical landscape. Let yourself be carried away on a sound-acoustic journey that rises in southern Italy, Sicily, ahead of the Etna.

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16 February, 2021