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In this composition, with a calm and positive atmosphere, I want to express the feeling of awakening. The awakening after a long sleep, the awakening of nature, in spring, after a long winter or the awakening to a new life after the hard period of lock down that the whole world has suffered.

Na Agnant


Here’s my latest single. Great for relaxing, meditating and studying.

Sherry<span class="bp-verified-badge"></span>

Ross Christopher – Phase I

Ross Christopher’s latest full-length album, PHASES, is a deeply moving concept album, conjuring the Phases of the moon. PHASES is both hopeful and stirring and features Ross Christopher’s unique ability to blend other-worldly ambient guitars with cascading violins and cellos. Each song is a sonic representation of its particular lunar phase – moving from darkness to light, and fading again towards darkness.

Phase I, the 1st track in the album represents strength + influence and engulfs the listeners in its immersive soundscape.

Willebrant<span class="bp-verified-badge"></span>


“Beneath the cool shade of green, the small tributary meanders harmoniously in the summer heat.”

A calm and meditative piece comprising flutes and synths from Brannan, and fretless bass, synths, and field recording from Eastern Victoria by Willebrant.

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