Filip Rachůnek: String Quintet Sonata & Fortecello Fantasy

String Quintet Sonata in C major:
This is Filip’s first official composition in the classical genre. Inspired by the request of a friend who played double bass in a symphonic orchestra, he created this three-movement piece in July 2019. The sonata was played live in August 2019 and finally released now.

Fortecello Fantasy in C minor:
After releasing his last album for a solo piano, Filip decided to push his ambitions to the next level and composed a three-movement song for the cello/piano duet. As a pianist, he recorded the piano part himself and used the virtual instrument “Emotional Cello” to play cello on a keyboard.

Filip Rachůnek is a Czech pianist, guitarist, and composer. He released four full-length albums as Fencer and finally decided to enter the world of neo-classical music with this six-track EP, formerly called “Opus One”.

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