Fallow is 2019 album from Blear Moon this month re-released with new cover art for all streaming platforms.

From Author:

This album has it’s beginning in fall of 2017, after hear-breaking divorce witch lead into very ugly mental state where I was highly delusional and often experience depersonalization and feelings of my life being unreal and untrue. In a sudden bursts of energy during sleepless nights or after having a nightmare I found myself sketching melodies and producing sounds often without realizing and with no memory of it after. In the course of winter I continue to do it time-to-time and compositions started to formed. During the spring, some changes in my life turn me to the light and I decided to put my attention to mixing as it’s probably was force, that was keeping me from going far insane. I keep it unpublished until beginning of 2019 for symbolical reason, as this year for me means biggest change move with the past sorrows left behind.

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