Brave Heart, Luna


“What was it you always told me, Doctor? Brave heart?”

The title here is inspired by Doctor Who (a not infrequent influence on the oeuvre). The fifth Doctor used this this phrase when trying to reassure his companion Tegan whenever they were up against the Cybermen or Silurians or what have you. For some reason I decided that it would be an appropriate affirmation for a fellow songwriter friend of mine who occasionally despairs to the world via her Twitter account and thus seems to need some encouragement. At some point along the way these attempts to assuage her became a song.

The song’s pace has picked up over the years and it became a fun way to cap off a set, where it seemed to catch the ears of even the most indifferent of crowds. And I really couldn’t imagine it as anything other than a big band number — fortunately Rich Armstrong has delivered a cracking horn arrangement.

21 March, 2022

Brave Heart, Luna

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