“Beggin” is the new lo-fi single by Davide Perico e Yoshimitsu4432, cover of the homonymous 67’s hit
of the American band The Four Season, which has been reinterpreted during the year in R&B e rock.
The two artists have already collaborated on several tracks including “Spring Lovers”, the lo-fi single
that gained more than two million streams and have been included in Spotify’s playlists Chill Lofi Study
Beats, Lo-fi Indie and Chill Instrumental Beats.
Davide Perico and Yoshimitsu4432 are two artists with a common musical vision who met online to
collaborate on a video game soundtrack. Davide is a multi-instrumentalist MILAN-based very active in
creating movies and videogame’s soundtracks as well as award-winning CG Video Artist,
Yoshimitsu4432 is a Japanese guitarist influenced by alternative rock, electronics and hip hop.

19 February, 2022


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