Barà Sanja

First solo work of the Italian drummer composer Luca Deriu. Barà Sanja is part of a mini concept album entitled “Synth(esis)”. It is a musical experiment that was born during the isolation imposed by the COVID-19 emergency.
Luca Deriu tries to “synthesize” all the old musical inputs together with the new ones acquired during the lockdown due to the coronavirus in order to escape isolation and produce music that makes him travel. The main tool for this process becomes the computer, the only “means of transport” that allows a regenerating journey through the rediscovery of synths and the manipulation of sound. The computer is also the performer that accompanies the performance on drums of Deriu who with his personal interpretation tries to convey the musical message with the aim of making it as human as possible.

Barà Sanja written, arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered between February and March 2020 by Luca Deriu.

Youtube video Barà Banja

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