Warm, rounded, and peaceful minimal drone.

A tunnel of sound to the soul of pilgrimage.

This album came about after I sustained a foot injury from my day gig and had some time to rest up.

I started watching a bunch of documentaries on “El Camino de Santiago” an interest of mine as I have experienced parts of the trail on my trips to Spain over the years. I am intrigued by the determination of the human spirit to complete the path and the various stages of contemplation that occur on this journey.

This is just one interpretation in sound.

“Willebrant’s new EP has already made it to my list of most beautiful ambient records of the year” – Anne Recko RocknRoll Vegan

released July 16, 2021

Karl Willebrant – Electric basses, electric guitar w/ ebow, synths, field recording on “Into the Valley”.

Isra Begue – bell and field recordings on all tracks.

Produced by Karl Willebrant

Mastered by Hadyn Buxton

Artwork by Amaya Iturri

23 July, 2021


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