William is a pianist/composer whose style fuses the genres of popular, and contemporary classical music. Originally from the UK, he is currently living and working in South Korea.

Classically trained in London, he has since strayed from the rigidities of the musical score, and now tries to embrace more flexibility in performance. His heroes include Chopin, Ravel, Elton John, Paul Simon, John Williams, and Keith Jarrett. He is especially fond of the body of work known as the ‘Great American Songbook’.

William initially studied piano at the Blackheath Conservatoire, before accepting an offer to read Classical Music at King’s College London. Since graduation, he has worked as a teacher, performer, and recording artist.

His latest work was released on December 7, 2018. It is a concept album, focusing on various aspects of time – hence the name: Timepiece.

William is an avid YouTuber, and enjoys posting cover versions of popular songs to his channel. His ultimate dream: to record a soundtrack for film/television!

+ info: https://www.whaviland.com/

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