Meditative Space Ambient

Floating Space Ambient & dark Drone pieces that pull you into the deepest regions of the universe. Slow moving & long space music for a meditative state of mind and deep relaxation & sleep.


‘Melancholy’ represents a dreadful but memorable period in time. A bleak prospect on life, feelings of hopelessness, though I could see the beauty in it. Why is melancholy beautiful? I try to answer that question by provoking that feeling with these four tracks.

Melancholic, warm Ambient music for lonely, rainy evenings.

Flowing Water | Dreamy Ambient Music

Dreamy, relaxing Ambient Soundscapes and Drones containing recordings of lakes, rivers, rain, shores etc.


An album about the dreamworlds that I envisioned in my dreams. Each song is a different dream I’ve had. It’s about the safety and comfort you would experience during deep sleep. Imagine yourself being in peaceful dreamscapes created with your own thoughts as you listen to this album. This album could be suited for people who are suffering from anxiety or sleeping problems. A flee from reality…

Cosmological Voyage

A musical journey through the vastness of the universe. Drift through cold, empty regions of space in a cozy spacesuit, encounter strange objects and solve the biggest mysteries.

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