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Robert Gangbo



A year ago, Gangbo did not even know where to start to write a song. Neither he had never thought of entering the music scene.

 Robert had a very usual passion for music all his life, and nothing more. Then after realizing he was able to easily invent musical melodies and write lyrics, a quality he didn’t know he had before, he decided to write his first full song during the first COVID-19 lockdown. So, at the age of 49, he decided to listen to the musician laid in him and enter the music scene directly.

 Originally from Brazzaville, Congo, and resident in Italy since the age of 8, Gangbo does not tend to identify with a particular musical genre. He loves listening to various styles, from classical to more commercial, even if the songs he writes have an imprint that lies somewhere between pop and folk.

 Speaking of his path, Robert shares a more recent reflection: “These days I have wondered if this creative passion of mine was latent in me, or if this has developed recently. Well, I don’t have an answer. I just know that once a musical project is completed, I immediately throw myself into a new one.”

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