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Rachel LaFond is an American composer and pianist living as an expat in New Zealand. She is currently releasing new music and custom artwork weekly as part of a yearlong project called The 52. Rachel’s music combines a technically proficient approach to composition with an instinctive ability to draw in the listener and convey profound emotion. Her music has been described as captivating, soulful, and deeply personal. Rachel’s two primary influences are Ludovico Einaudi and David Lanz. With a strong musical foundation, a “DIY” attitude, and a zest for adventure that goes well beyond music, Rachel is forging her own path as a composer and recording artist.

Rachel has experienced all sides of the piano: she’s the daughter of a piano teacher, a former piano teacher herself, and has had classical training in Vienna and at the University of Washington. She created and released her debut album Wandering Soul in 2017, inspired by a year spent backpacking around the world. In addition to releasing new music, Rachel relishes touring and live performance. Past performances have ranged from playing on the main stage of a cruise ship (Audiosyncracy at Sea 2019) to inviting the public into her home for a more intimate concert – the best seat in the house is underneath her Yamaha C7!

Rachel sees The 52 as an opportunity to expand her creativity while staying highly connected with her listeners and fans. Aside from her solo piano compositions, Rachel has composed and released multi-instrument pieces, a multi-movement composition, collaborations, produced music, cover songs, and improvisations. Rachel also has a passion for creating distinctive artwork to help capture the essence of each piece. Rachel works with her partner (David Mason) and a very talented mastering engineer/producer (Mike Bloemendal). She also enjoys partnering with other creative artists on musical collaborations, videos, and other projects.

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