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Janette and James



Piano Hive is the collaborative project of composers Janette Mason and James Alexander Thompson.


“This project is all about writing piano music that not only sounds great but is playable. There are so many beautiful neo classical tracks out there, but when notated, they have usually been transcribed after recording so don’t play very well.

What we are doing is consciously improving the playability and notation of the pieces as we compose. We want our music to be appreciated only not for it’s sonic beauty, but it’s ease under the fingers.” James


Janette, a highly rated jazz pianist and pop musician who has enjoyed a successful career playing with some of the biggest bands and artists on the planet from Oasis, Seal to Pulp and more, said:


“Most pianists spend their early days learning the basics of piano playing by reading sheet music. It’s our aim to write beautiful pieces that other pianists can enjoy but more importantly improve their playing with. We are excited to have some excellent material already, so please join us and see where this journey takes us! “


Piano Hive are planning several releases over the next few months starting with ‘The Lonely Mind’ on 2nd October. They will be releasing sheet music to support the release which is available via Sheet Music Plus, go get it!

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