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Paul T Laino



Paul T. Laino is a recording artist and composer from New York, currently based in Italy. He has a focus on creating music that blurs the lines between different genres and creative influences, while retaining a minimalistic approach. His sound tips the hat off to artists as diverse as Radiohead, Philip Glass, Avro Pärt, Brian Eno and Nils Frahm, among others.


Recently, he released two new projects: “As Clouds Go,” a lengthier composition which is also available in parts on streaming services, as well as a soundtrack project titled “Like Me Deadly.” These compositions are broad-ranging and incredibly diverse, highlighting Paul’s accomplished musical upbringing and kaleidoscopic approach to sound design, songwriting, composition, and production.


From ethereal soundscapes, down to cinematic melodies and dream-like textures, Paul is able to capture the listeners and carry the audience hand in hand, leading them on a very immersive musical journey.


These releases stand out as milestones for the artist, highlighting Paul’s incredible artistry and commitment to quality music.


Find out more about Paul T. Laino and do not miss out on his recent releases, which are now available on the web.

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