Acoustic Feelings

Acoustic and Intimate mood, to listen in front of the fireplace.

American Style

The best Playlist in real american music style!!

Electric Dreams

The best EDM Commercial Music with Emotional Vibes

Heat The Engine

Rock, Metal, Alternative & Guitar Oriented songs. More powerful, More Faster, More Energetic..

Shock To the System

Anarchy in EDM, Electro, Darkwave,Techno,Minimal,Downtempo

Game Over

Are you ready to play? Best song for your favourite videogames! Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, Indie, K Pop, J-Pop Arcade Adventure!

1920 It’s Jazz Time

Contemporary and Old Fashion Jazz Sound.

Latino Loco

Shake your body with the best latino pop tracks!

Girl Power

Women in Music. Singer, songwriter, women’s empowerment, independence, confidence and strength.

Vibe Music Party!

The best fresh electronic, pop, dance music for a perfect music party night. Selected by Bruno Ligari

Lo-Fi Connection

The best Chill Hop, Lo-Fi Selection to Study, Relax,Focus, Work.

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