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Joran Elane



Joran Elane (Fantasy Singer and Composer)

I am curating the Spotify playlists: Romantic Folk, Fantasy Folk, Epic Soundtrack, Winter Fantasy, Piano Fantasy, Electronic Fantasy e.t.c.)

Joran Elane (singer, co-founder and -composer of the fantasy band Elane) published her first solo album “Glenvore” in 2014.

She is a sorceress, bard and storyteller of the modern era. Swept away by deep emotions she goes on a quest which she mirrors in her intense romantic music: songs arranged for orchestra, often accompanied by guest artists from near and far. She invites you along to a magical journey where the stars shine brighter again, and dreams and legends come to life.

This type of music will probably delight fans of Enya, Loreena McKennitt and Elane. Let yourself be enchanted by the incredible sounds of Glenvore…

About Elane(main project):

ELANE’s roots lie in the Sauerland region of Germany. Their characteristic mix of organic and electronic sounds has become their trademark.

The fantastic voice of frontwoman Joran Elane plus acoustic and electronic guitars, violin, viola, soft soundscapes, percussion and bombastic orchestra arrangements allow ELANE to create a unique sound that grants them a high recognition value.

Regardless of whether it’s a tabletop role-play, a board game, pen & paper role-play, cosplay or LARP: The Khimaira Fantasy Award laureates have delivered the ideal soundtrack for fantasy fans for well over 15 years. “Legends of Andor” is their first soundtrack album.




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