Fidget Spinner

3 May, 2022 in

Cadillac Cruise

3 April, 2022 in

Got inspiration for this track cruising through the woods.

Tell Sell

4 March, 2022 in

We all know that Tell Sell commercials

Eugene Carter

5 February, 2022 in

Chill Pill

10 December, 2021 in

Chill Pill is a laidback lofi song. I made this during the covid and think people need to chill a bit more and let go of the problems in the world.


12 November, 2021 in

Saxy Vibes

14 October, 2021 in

Bleuberry Muffin

2 October, 2021 in

As being a Lo-Fi and Jazz enthusiast I got inspired during my travel around Brazil back in 2019 (when the world lived without fear) by the vibe of the country. I laid down the basis for this track when I stayed a few days in São Paolo. For me it reflects the vibe I soaked up while being there.

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