He has his first contact with music in the Youth Music Band of the Miraflores and Gibraljaire Schools of Malaga, his hometown, where he graduated later as Professor of Solfeggio, Theory of Music, Transposition and Accompaniment, and Superior Professor. of Tuba.

Since 1990 he composes in very different formats that he publishes and premieres all over the world, writing music for radio, television, cinema, and all kinds of shows.

With Miguel Pérez Consort recorded in 1999 Deus Meus, his first album, which will be followed by a monograph with his compositions dedicated to the Holy Week in Malaga recorded by the Municipal Band of Malaga in 2006.

In 2010 he decided to continue his solo career and recorded Biotza, his first work as a composer and piano performer. This work is followed by Oporto (2013), Amanay (2015), Siroco (2017), Amaltea (2019), and Thirty Years Writing Music (2020), in which he re-recorded a selection of his most recent piano work.

Based in Fuerteventura since 2007, he currently combines teaching with his work as a composer.

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