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Christian Pabst



“A surrender to the beauty of music” ALL ABOUT JAZZ USA
“Original and personal” Scott Yanow

German pianist and composer Christian Pabst loves to travel to imaginary places. This time, he goes to Balbec – the famous city that you won’t find on any map and the literary inspiration for his new exhilarating abum. Together with German bassist and Jazz Echo – Winner André Nendza as well as Dutch drummer Erik Kooger, Pabst explores new musical horizons. Framed by the hopeful spirit of the energetic opening and closing songs, a poetic story emerges that evokes a wide range of fulfilling emotions. On two pieces you can also hear the warm sounds of Rhodes and electric bass. All About Jazz calls the pianist’s acoustic creations “a surrender to the beauty of music”. With Balbec, Christian Pabst confirms his artistic identity by exhibiting an impressive command of the piano, a melodic sensibility and rhythmical fireworks that make you want to travel with him to one of those secret imaginary places right away.

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