The Return Of Starchild

28 July, 2022 in

“It started with a guitar. It is not static, but evolving, like the sky above us. Adding ambient swells brings the stars in and out of focus, while melodies give more detail to intricate patterns and lights. There’s no formula to follow, the ideas simply give birth to each other without asking how or why. We hope that you enjoy the ride. Fans of ambient music and new sound worlds will be mesmerized. Thank you Spotify for listening and supporting “The Return Of Starchild”


27 May, 2022 in

Hronos is a wistful piece, full of longing for the Mediterranean lifestyle, the smell of lavender and the sounds of the waves. Sensitive jazz guitar mixes with the sounds of mandolins, transporting the listener to an Aegean island or a Sicilian fishing village.


13 May, 2022 in

guitar duo for relaxation

If You Leave Me Now

26 February, 2022 in

classical guitar solo cover of this great Chicago Hit

Meditation (andante con moto)

7 January, 2022 in

My most meditative release. Music by G.I. Gurdjieff. Guitars Jürg Kindle

Dear Mr.President

1 January, 2022 in

Henry Delkin is Jürg Kindle’s Moniker for Pop Covers. Dear Mr. President, the great Hymn by Pink is the first release under Henry Delkin.

Whispering Wind

29 October, 2021 in

Let your mind carry by “Whispering Wind”

Spanish & Latin Guitar

9 October, 2021 in

My new album “Spanish & Latin Guitar” is published on all streaming portals. It’s a remaster album with a new cover. The pieces represent the typical musical idioms of the respective countries. They are central pieces in my own musical biography. Some pieces have been in my repertoire for over 35 years, such as “Retrato Brasileiro” a wonderful musical portrait of Brazil or “Danza de la Paloma enamorada” from the Argentine Andes with the pigeon in love, lovingly dancing and cooing, represented by guitar glissandi. Manuel Ponce’s wonderful “Scherzino Mexicano”, a traditional folk piece arranged in the unique musical language of the Mexican master. “Milonga del Angel”, Astor Piazzolla’s dreamlike piece, which sounds from other spheres. “Julia Florida”, the masterpiece of the Paraguayan Indian chief Barrios Mangoré. “Mallorca” the epic Spanish romantic piece by Albéniz, “Andaluza” with its Moorish sounds and the sun of Andalusia. “Aire de Joropo”, an energetic Venezuelan waltz by Antonio Lauro. Let yourself be carried away on a great journey through Spain and Latin America!

One Earzh One Ocean

24 September, 2021 in

Smooth flattering guitars and mandolins will let you float. The piece is a tribute to our beautiful and fragile planet.


10 September, 2021 in

Classical Guitar Cover of the great 1968 Hit by Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac

Bach: Cello Suite N°1 in G Major,BWV 1007 (arranged for guitar)

4 September, 2021 in

Some Freaks might remember the Genesis 1972 album Foxtrott where Steve Hackett played on “Horizons” some bars of the Prelude. I knew then, this piece I will play too. And suddenly it’s 50 years later…. If you like and you want support this jewel I can recommend the Sarabande, Prelude or Allemande for more quiet playlists.


27 August, 2021 in

Traveller is our 2nd collaboration. Acoustic and classical guitar in harmony! Traveller comes with a gentle samba beat, just right for an uplifting morning or a relaxing after-work beer


13 August, 2021 in

from the Swiss alps to the Hawaiian seashore, two lifetime guitarists bring together their magic guitar languages. Jim “Kimo” West is a Grammy awarded Hawaiian slack key guitarist while Jürg is a classical guitar master with a repertoire of 700 years of classical guitar tradition and a well known composer. Enjoy the harmony of nylon and steel strings.

Close To You

1 August, 2021 in

beautiful classical guitar surrounded by cinematic strings. A project between father and son!


1 August, 2021 in

“Morning” by Holly Jones touched me deeply from the first listening in 2017. I’m so happy to release now my guitar arrangement of this great piece!


29 June, 2021 in


Celtic Gold

9 March, 2021 in

Music of irish baroque harpist/composer Turlough O’Carolan. The idiom of celtic music through the last 3 centurys

Guitar Concerto D- Major, Antonio Vivaldi

19 February, 2021 in

The 2nd mouvement of this Concerto is one of the most calm and peaceful melodies in classical music

Keys & Strings

1 February, 2021 in

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Music including keys (piano,Synth) AND string instruments(Guitar,Violin,Cello…)


1 February, 2021 in

steel string guitar solo in celtic style, neoclassical /world

Close to You

1 January, 2021 in

“Close to You” is a collaboration between Father and Son. Share a peaceful moment with us, enjoy a romantic classical guitar flowing with a beautiful orchestrated string orchestra.


26 November, 2020 in


18 November, 2020 in

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Instrumentals and Songs related to EARTH


18 November, 2020 in

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Instrumentals and Songs related to AIR


18 November, 2020 in

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Instrumentals and Songs related to FIRE


18 November, 2020 in

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Instrumentals and Songs related to WATER

This is Romantic Guitar

11 October, 2020 in

From first to last note romantic!

Guardian Angel

20 August, 2020 in

The piece is a hommage to the guardian angel who saved me so many times in my life. It was composed after an accident in the mountains this summer. Many thanks to Chris Kramer, who plays the harmonica so sensitive and strong in guardian angel. The instrument is rearing up and weeping, while the calm guitar gives strength and consolation. Grateful for your saves and adds.

Month of May

4 August, 2020 in

when steel meets nylon. Two masters of their genre meet for an uplifting, beautiful collaboration.

This is Classical Guitar

10 July, 2020 in

In the Renaissance and Baroque era, the lute played a major role in accompaniment and as a solo instrument. In the classical period, the lute and guitar were replaced by the piano. Few great guitar masters of this era have enriched the guitar literature. The outstanding masters were Giuliani and Sor. Jürg Kindle plays the essential works of these two masters. These include Sor’s famous “Variations on a theme by Mozart and ” Grande Ouverture “by Giuliani. The album is abeautiful collection for the lovers of the classical guitar.

The Pilgrim

5 June, 2020 in

Travel a journey through a soundscape of string and flute, taking in a colourful palette of sounds and rhythms. Harmonies of the Mandolin will guide you along the path while the mystical calls of the Shakuhachi lift your spirits. Dance with the rhythms of the classical guitar as they intertwine with eastern influences to reveal a place full of possibilities.

Celtic Fantasy

8 May, 2020 in

Celtic inspired steel string solo in DGdgad tuning.


18 April, 2020 in

deep touching chanting by spiritual healer Irina Maria Garbini – flowing harmonies and pulsating rhythm by guitarplayer Jürg Kindle make the piece a discovery for your soul.


3 April, 2020 in

Did you ever meet your Soulmate in life. This song is for you.

“Renaissance” European lute masters of the 16th century pre-save

1 March, 2020 in

thank you for pre-saving!
The beginning of fingerstyle!
In the Renaissance era, the lute was the most popular instrument in the Western world. It became the symbol of the magic and power of music. The lute was the instrument of kings and queens, playing the sublime music of great composers. The lute was heard in the theatre in the incidental music of Shakespeare’s plays. And the lute was heard by common people, playing the popular tunes of the day in pubs and on street corners.
About this time, lute players began to abandon the plectrum and pluck the lute with their fingertips. This made it possible to play two, three or even four lines of music simultaneously. With this revolution in playing technique, the lute’s potential for expressivity and shading with delicate nuances of color were revealed, and its popularity increased dramatically. The lute became the perfect solo instrument for the age, as well as an ideal accompaniment for the voice and a regular member of ensembles.

Air on a G-string

2 February, 2020 in

A love tribute to Bach! Air on a G String. One of the most beautiful baroque pieces. I played the piece on baritone guitar as passionate as I could. the strength lies in the calm. affirm your reflection in crystal clear water.


17 January, 2020 in

“Anthem” is a collaboration project between Jürg Kindle and Peter Lainson. The opening melody is played on solo guitar and is deliberate and clear. The piece builds with the entrance of a 2nd guitar and a riveting and exciting mandolin solo followed by a guitar solo playing an elegant and distinct melody over the top of lush and colorful harmonies. This leads to a key change and a bridge of joy and jubilation with a chorus of uplifting mandolins leading to a final and full-blown restatement of the melody, concluding with a sense of rest and resolution.We hope to find some beautiful playlists to be added on! Jürg&Peter

Tango in Space

27 December, 2019 in

My last Tango for this decade. Enjoy a smooth and dreamy transition into 2020


Antonio Vivaldi Concerti Grossi (L’Estro Armonico)

24 December, 2019 in

For many years the twelve concertos of Opus 3 “L’ESTRO ARMONICO” have not let me alone. The joy and delight of the opening and closing movements in contrast to the deeply felt and almost transcendental largo movements, as well as the fire and passion of the driving rhythms continually give me a deep sense of contentedness. Together with a glass of old Amarone, how beautiful life can be! This feeling I wanted to turn into music for the guitar. After close study of the score of the twelve concertos it became clear to me that this was guitar music. It was not my intention to make violin music with guitar but rather to create a work that could be the original, precisely because it plays on the instrumental strengths of the latter instrument. I managed to interest my Candian publisher in the idea, and within just three months the whole collection of twelve numbers appeared with “Les Productions d’OZ“ in Quebec. For the six concertos on this CD I chose a quintet ensemble with four guitars together with a bass guitar or a twelve-string, steel-string guitar for the bass continuo part.


Angels Love Music

22 December, 2019 in

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Music of inner Peace and Love. keywords for songtitles required : Angel; Wings; Heaven…


SPA Retreat

17 November, 2019 in

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Acoustic Power

17 November, 2019 in

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unplugged mind

3 September, 2019 in

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3 September, 2019 in

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Pure Acoustics

17 August, 2019 in

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Classical Guitar Arrangements

5 June, 2019 in

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Acoustic Hug

5 June, 2019 in

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Acoustic Power

5 June, 2019 in

Acoustic Artists

5 June, 2019 in

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Acoustic Guitar Planet

5 June, 2019 in

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