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Jacky Thien



From a scientist to a musical poet, born in 1997, Jacky has a strong passion in music, especially in his major musical instrumental, the piano. Like pictures, a short or a long music can be translated into a thousand words. Every song tells a story. Jacky believes that as the piano sings from our playing, the story behind one’s playing is indirectly conveyed into something which will change the mood or emotions. Jacky has been bestowed with his remarkable skills for 7 years, and still growing. After achieving distinction in piano examinations within the first year, and a diploma within the third year, Jacky regularly performs for solo recitals in Kuala Lumpur, and other parts of Malaysia. Until one day, he composes music for the public to hear his very own composed music.

Submissions will be openly accepted depending on the genre relevance. Feel free to leave a message!

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