24 June, 2022 in

New album made together with talented musicians such as Giuseppe Nannini (Sax), Marco Bianchi (trumpet), Henriette Voehraff (flute), Mary Loscerbo and Lulu Lafiandra (vocals).
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Every wish will be fulfilled

30 July, 2021 in

My new single is looking for a place on your playlist!

Silenzio a Baghdad

1 May, 2021 in


5 March, 2021 in

A song that brings joy to the Brazilian rhythm!

Let Go Of All Fear

26 February, 2021 in

From today it is possible to listen/buy “Let Go Of All Fear” an instrumental chillout song with ethnic sounds (Native Americans) written with the collaboration of the talented German flutist Henriëtte Native Flute Verhoeff.

Unspeakable Desires

19 February, 2021 in

Have you ever experienced a strong attraction towards your best friend’s woman / man, feeling torn between desire and respect for your friend? We set these thoughts to music through the melodies played by the trumpet.

A Romantic Sixth Extinction

12 February, 2021 in

“According to a WWF report, there is a direct link between deforestation and an increased risk that new viruses and bacteria could spread, exactly as happened in the past with diseases such as Ebola or HIV and as it seems to have happened with Covid-19. ”
We are mainly responsible for the sixth mass extinction. Numerous species of animals are already extinct, the problem is that we are also putting our future as a species in serious danger, and turning away does not solve the situation …
I put this concern of mine into 18 minutes of ambient / neo-classical music, creating a mini-suite to be understood as a single composition divided into 9 parts.
All songs composed, performed and produced by Andrea Soru extept “What Will Remain Of Us” composed by Andrea Soru and Fransoafran who performed a magnificent violin solo!

Rickshaw driver

12 July, 2020 in

Get on board our virtual rickshaw where Taste of Dream & Fransoafran will take you to the streets of the world through this first ethno house collaboration with some vietnamese vibes!

Memories of you

12 June, 2020 in

On all musical platforms the new original song written by Andrea Soru and Marco Bianchi, where it is told without words but through music(trumpet), a love story at the time of the covid-19 that has influenced the life of all of us … good listening!

All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain…

1 May, 2020 in

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“I’ve seen things, you people wouldn’t believe, hmm … All those moments, will be lost in time like tears in rain” – (Rutger Hauer from Blade Runner movie).
Instrumental slow songs and piano or guitar with vocals…rarefied sounds..

Emotional sonor frames

6 April, 2020 in

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Cinematic and epic tracks known or to be discovered!

Bone appetite! (Songs to taste)

22 December, 2019 in

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A playlist of songs with name of foods and drinks in the title, Bone appetite!


So this is Christmas

1 December, 2019 in

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Relax in the Temple

11 October, 2019 in

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Black Elk still speaks

2 October, 2019 in

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Self-awareness travelers

12 September, 2019 in

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Trip Dub Cafe

4 September, 2019 in

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Music No Borders

3 September, 2019 in

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