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Electronic, ambient, synthwave and easy listening music.

Musician for passion, after more than 12 years making remixes and re-edits, he publishes his first album – Lights Shadows and Colors – on September 16 2016.
The album contains 12 instrumental easy listening tracks – with a deliberately vintage and analogue sound – who are reminiscent of the vintage electronic pioneers. The titles of the album and of each track refer to the concepts of light, shadow and color, as seen through photography.

In 2017 he publishes the new track You Are the One (Song for Silvia) and the Christmas cover Silent Night.

In 2018 he publishes his 2nd album, Imaginary Flights.
The album contains 15 ambient electronic tracks composed with the main idea to bring the listener to fly with fantasy through real and abstract places.
In the same year he publishes the singles Future and The Woodland (the latter as the first single extracted from Imaginary Flights.

In 2019 he publishes Space Explorations. His third album (EP) celebrates on the one hand the explorations of space, on the other is a personal exploration of the Space Ambient genre.
In the same year he publishes Merry Christmas, an EP containing 6 classic Christmas songs rearranged in New Age style.

In 2020 he publishes The Phoenix. His fifth album contains 18 tracks of electronic music  who space from synthpop and EDM to easy listening and cinematic ambient. Partly the sequel to Lights Shadows and Colors, but with a more eclectic set of sounds, ranging from the energy of dance-rock sounds to the more intimate ethereal atmosphere of ambient and easy listening sounds.
In the same year he publishes the singles Boys and Girls and A New Page.


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