The end of the innocence

20 August, 2021 in

This is a song in the mood of Morricone’s soundtracks. It’s played by piano and guitar. The song talks about the first love and the subconsequent lost of innocence.

Emotional piano

15 July, 2021 in

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Songs whose main instrument is the piano and transmits emotions….

Morning walk

15 July, 2021 in

This piece is part of an EP called “The summer project”. It’s a solo piano album with the intention of remember the youth summer days, when we had nothing to do…

The tree in the lake

26 June, 2021 in

The tree in the lake is my first release in Spotify. It’s a song composed and played by me with the piano and a rabel, which is a kind of violin typical in the north of Spain.


17 April, 2021 in

Moonrise is a quiet and calm piano piece, accompanied by two rabels (a kind of violin typical in the north of Spain). It is composed and recorded by me.

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