Lullaby for Baby Moose

19 October, 2021 in

Remembering Asterion (Rest in Peace Piano)

1 August, 2021 in

This is a piano version of a flashback scene from a short film I composed for. The scene features two sisters, one of whom (named Asterion) was later revealed to have died. This piece, almost like a lullaby, reflects on the beauty of sisterhood with the sadness of one passing.

She Should Be Here – Memorial Edit

29 June, 2021 in

A Springtime Walk in the Woods

15 April, 2021 in

A piano expression of sounds, thoughts and feelings of being among the trees in springtime and listening to the sounds of birds, amidst the gentle spring breeze.
The second track has added birdsong interplaying with the music.

This is my first composition and release since the passing of my mum on Christmas Day 2020, and is released on my Dad’s birthday, who passed away in April 2020. My mum in particular enjoyed the spring with lighter days and the re-emergence of nature. Dad used to enjoy countryside rambles. So this is dedicated to my parents.

Bamboo Forest (with Distant Thunder)

6 January, 2021 in

The sweet sound of forest birds with distant thunder intertwines with a bamboo flute playing a calming melody.

I Saw three Ships

4 December, 2020 in

This is my upbeat synth instrumental version of this festive yuletide carol with a festive spacey feel.

Remembering Asterion

7 November, 2020 in

This is a reflective theme from a short film I scored called “Trapped”. The scene in the film recalls memories of two sisters interacting happily together, one whom was then revealed to have since died. Therefore, it is a sweet but ultimately a sad scene, and the composition is therefore poignant, melancholic and reflective.

Ripples in the Treetops

3 November, 2020 in

An impressionistic piano piece is an expression of the leaves on the trees swaying in the wind and the light fluttering through the leaves. It is the second composition in my “Ripples” series depicting the rippling effect in nature where you don’t always expect it (the first being “Ripples in the Sky” from my Cosmic Invasion album). The rippling effect on the piano is formed by playing three notes in the right hand to every two in the left hand.

City of the Jihad

11 October, 2020 in

This is a short dark impressionistic piece depicting life in a Jihadist city. It was created in 2007, long before I started recording under the name CosmoMoose, and used by a charity to help persecuted Christians in an event called “The Art of Persecution”. However, the last chords of this dark track symbolize hope. Even in the darkest of places, there is always hope.

SYNTH & PIANO – A Match Made in Heaven

11 October, 2020 in

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The heavenly shimmering of the piano set against the otherworldly backdrop of synths has been the inspiration of many electronic artists/composers, from Vangelis to Robert Miles. Enjoy the journey…..

Shadow of the Mandalorian: Star Wars Fan Film OST

15 July, 2020 in

Long ago in a studio far far away…. [well, last year in my home studio…]
I was asked by director and actor Kiefer Jenkins to provide a soundtrack for his short Star Wars fan film “Shadow of the Mandalorian”. Kiefer, who played the Mandalorian in the film, specified that the score should not only resemble the music in the main Star Wars films (scored by John Williams) but also include electronic elements due to the film’s mysterious sub-tone.
I was hesitant to take on the commission at first due to lack of confidence in providing the right orchestral sound. However, as I embarked on the project I really enjoyed creating the music and make it help carry the story (which I also really liked). I am very pleased with the end result, on the film and as a standalone listening experience.
So, even if you never see the film, I hope that the music tells its own story: one of a battle between the dark side and the light side, and one of hope and redemption.
The darkness does not go on forever; the light always wins.


4 July, 2020 in

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All synthesizers – with no vocals, no acoustic instruments, and all hummable tunes that will stay in your head for hours. Including Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Kraftwerk, Kitaro Daft Punk and more, including lesser known tunes that should be more known. Enjoy….

She Should Be Here

3 July, 2020 in

This is a reworking of the mournful theme from the short film “Trapped”. The scene in the film is when the lead character is grief-stricken over the loss of her sister, and is later-on being comforted by her boyfriend. Distraught, she longs for her sister and cries out that “she should be here”. It is all the more poignant now that so many have lost loved ones prematurely to an invisible virus, including those who have cared for others – those who ‘should be here’… Therefore all proceeds are to go to the COVID-19 Key-worker Memorial Fund which honors those who had gone too soon fighting the virus. The scene and music is also moving to me as I recently lost my father (not to coronavirus). The music is therefore dedicated to those who had gone too soon and should be here….

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