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Anté Svircic



Anté Svircic was born and raised in Split, Croatia and has spent most of his life in the United States. He is now living in the Puget Sound region of Washington state. He began playing the piano when he was 6 years old.His parents took him to a convent where he was met by the music director Sister Superior Cecilia. She wanted to make sure she didn’t waste her time on a tone deaf boy! She took him aside and performed a number of different rhythms with her knuckles, knocking on the wooden window sill and said to him, repeat this.

That was the beginning of his love affair with music. At an early age Anté, bored with learning Beethoven, Mozart and Bach, discovered a passion for composing. He would whistle his new songs while walking around town. He created a number of different bands over the years in Croatia, playing keyboards, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and harmonica.

He recorded his songs in one of the most prominent recording studios in Croatia. The recording studio producer put Anté in touch with the head of a label company who liked his music but needed more songs before the album would be released. Unfortunately all his early works were lost and never recovered.

Shortly thereafter, Anté emigrated to the United States and life took him in many new directions. He did not return to music or play the piano for another 30 years. However, after watching his former music colleagues perform on YouTube and his wife’s continued insistence that he rekindle his love of music, Anté purchased a piano and started to build his recording studio where he now composes all of his music. His renewed passion and gratitude for the journey that led him back to music will never end.

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