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‘The Musical Meditations of a Northern Soul in the Southern Hemisphere’ White Winter Sun is the solo project of multi instrumentalist, producer and composer Andy Duggan. Currently based in the small surf town of Raglan on the rugged West Coast of New Zealand. When not in the studio you’ll find him out surfing the majestic waves of the Tasman Sea or getting lost amongst the forests and foothills of NZ. Andy was born in the North of England to Irish descent parents in a house, always bustling with musicians coming and going and sessions that would linger on late into the night. Although not formally trained, he developed a keen ear for music early on in life. He acquainted himself with the instruments found around the house including Piano, Organ, Guitars and Drums. In his early teens his Dad gave him an old quarter inch tape machine and there began a love affair for experimenting with sound and recording. Andy’s work has featured regularly on tv and film and he has toured extensively with bands like The Pigeon Detectives and Big City Beach. He has also worked as a musical director in theatres around the world. Andy… ‘White Winter Sun is a home for my more reflective instrumental work. A place where I can contemplate and be inspired by the world around me. To explore music in all it’s many facets. For me, it is an opportunity to trace my journey so far, writing the soundtrack to my life, from the cobbled streets of Yorkshire to the the vast unspoilt landscapes of NZ’

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