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Agustin Tagliabue  is a musician, composer and producer from Argentina with a focus on Indie Rock and Instrumental guitar songs. He started playing drums at the beginning of the 90s at the age of 15 in punk bands of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, at age of 16 he entered the electric guitar and then studied several years at the National Conservatory Lopez Buchardo classical guitar and piano. And also sound engineer at the EMBA. As a guitarist he was a founding member of the rock band Ave y Nada whose most outstanding record work is Sabia Esencia recorded and edited in 2000; during the years 1996 to 2002 they gave a lot of shows in Argentina, in the city of Buenos Aires and surroundings.

He ventured into electronic music with experimental bands playing bass in 2002 after the separation of Ave and Nada.

From 2004 to present he starts experimenting in the studio, starting his solo career, editing albums and singles of Electric and Classic Guitar, Hard Rock, Indie Rock, Funk & Blues

Other Projects (2019 – 2020)

Argentina Power Trio Rock Band Formed in 2019.

IV Elementum
Rock Experimental project

is the Agustin Tagliabue’s Acoustic Proyect, with instrumentals meditative tracks, flamenco feels, bluesy and classical aproach. Mixing Classical, and Acoustic Guitars.

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